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(S') Offer a 1 day private lesson

(S') Offer a 1 day private lesson


The “One day of private lesson” gift voucher gives you access to a day of tailor-made, individual lessons, with your chef (lunch not included on site, duration 1 hour).

You choose your date (depending on the dates available, please note that it will take 3 to 4 months to obtain a date) as well as the dessert(s) you wish to make during your course.

Depending on the dessert chosen, we will see together if it coincides with the number of hours of your voucher.

Valid for 1 year from its date of issue which corresponds to the date of your order. It is downloadable online (PDF format).


1/ Buy your gift voucher.

2/ Download it by clicking on the downloadable link in your thank you email.

3/ Contact the Chef by email to reserve your date (don't wait until the last minute, the schedule fills up very quickly!!)

4/ That’s all!

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