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Exceptional Workshops

Enter theworld of great French pastry chefs

Making exceptional desserts will now be within your reach!

Step-by-step recipes, in a small group (between 3 and 5 people maximum)

will be offered to you.

The workshops will take place ona full day, and will include several desserts, some requiring particular technicality and significant resting and refrigeration times.

The principle in 3 points:

  • workshops invery small groups (between 3 and 5 people maximum), which allow personalized learning.

  • the satisfaction of achievingyourselves of theChef desserts, more complex, which require more time and technicality, both in terms of the number of recipes produced and the difficulty of production and/or assembly.(some desserts require a lot of time, sometimes a whole day to make them).

  • open to pastry loversintermediate and expert level.


Autour de la noisette

25 nov 2023 

21 janvier 2024

€300 per day(per person)


La Noisette et la Cabosse

18 février 2024

€300 per day

(per person)


Les Fruits en trompe-l'oeil

7 janvier 2024 COMPLET

3 février 2024 COMPLET

€300 per day

(per person)


La Noisette et la Cabosse

18 février 2024

€300 per day

(per person)

The workshops for the first quarter of 2024 are currently being developed, and will be put online very soon, stay tuned!

No pre-reservation will be made. Thank you for your understanding.

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