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Gift cards

valid for group workshops in the sectionThe Workshop

6 good reasons to give a gift card

  1. Satisfaction guaranteed, for pastry enthusiasts

  2. Flexibility and freedom in choosing courses

  3. A year to enjoy it(don't wait until the last minute to use it, the workshops fill up quickly!)

  4. Possibility to also offera tailor-made private lesson

  5. Immediately emailed with a personalized message

  6. For all budgets!

Carte cadeau - Ateliers en petits groupes

130 €

La carte cadeau donne accès à un cours de 2h, 3h, 4h ou 7h, en petit groupe, à choisir dans la rubrique "L'Atelier" ou "Ateliers d'Exception". Valable 1 an pour une personne....

130 €
150 €
300 €
Other amount

1. Description

A gift card represents a purchase credit of €X on the site for the course(s) of your choice. 
He isvalid for one year from its date of issue which corresponds to the date of your order, it is valid for one person, and is not nominative. 

A gift card in the amount of:

130€ = a 3-hour workshop (€43/h)

150€ = a 4-hour workshop(€37.5/h)

€300 = a 7-hour workshop (Exceptional Workshops for example or 2 4-hour classes)

Attention: the expiry date of your voucher corresponds to the deadline for booking your courses. The chosen courses must take place before this date.

It is strongly recommended not to wait until the last moment to reserve your date, there is quickly a 3 to 4 month delay.

After the expiration date of the gift card, no extension is possible. This is definitely lost. See T&Cs

3. Use of code

To use the card, the recipient goes to the “The Workshop" from the website, and finds the workshop that suits him. He then places it in his basket.

When paying, he selects the optionUse a gift card and grabs his unique gift card code.

If the sale price is worth more than the value of the card, you can pay the remaining cost using your usual payment methods.

2. Purchase of the gift card

Select a Rising, enter your contact details or those of the recipient, write amessagepersonalized (optional), finally, complete the purchase by clicking onorder and pay.

After completing the payment, you will receive an email confirmation of the purchase.

The recipient of the gift card then receives an email with the subject:

You have just received a gift card from xxx » (with the corresponding name).

The unique gift card code appears in the email.

There gift card is not sent by post.

In rare cases, the gift card arrives in spam, do not hesitate to consult them. If not, contact us.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

“What is the value of the gift cards?”

Gift cards are valid for small group workshops in the sectionThe Workshop:

130 € = a 3-hour workshop

150 € = a 4-hour workshop

€300 = a 7-hour workshop (Exceptional Workshops)

You can also enter the amount of your choice, so the recipient will spend it however they want.

"I have a gift card for 3h and I would like to register for a 4-hour course, how do I do it?"

If the price of the desired course is worth more than the value of your card, you can pay the remaining cost using your usual payment methods. During thepaymentOnline, enter your unique code, the amount from your card will be deducted, and the rest will be paid directly online.

"I have a gift card worth €150 (4-hour workshop), I used it for a 3-hour course, so I have €20 left on my card, can I see the balance online? and how to use the rest?

The current configuration of the site does not allow you to consult the card balance, but it is entered in our database, and will therefore not be lost. You can request it at any time by email, and use the balance on another course by reusing your code, within the validity of your gift card.

It is still strongly recommended to use your gift card for the Workshop corresponding to its amount.

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