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Private pastry courses 

and professional training


Internships1 to 15 days,



se to please

or for aretraining

And prepare for the Pastry CAP... 

We organize training programs adapted to your level, your schedule, 

meet your expectations and listen to your projects.

A special wish for your day or your internship? Make the request. 

Choose your totally tailor-made training.

Private, tailor-made, totally personalized courses!


You choose theduration (number of days), thetheme (program and desired desserts) and thepace of your internship (one day, or several days, with the possibility of spreading your sessions over several weeks or months). 

The courses take place at the Atelier, Paris 11th, and do not require any prior level.

Beginners, intermediates, experienced or even catering professionals, the courses will be carried out according to your request and your level.


The advantages of private training:

The Workshop is privatized for you;

The training is individual: 1 student / 1 trainer;

Everything is included in the price (loan of equipment, apron, raw materials);

You have the choice to taste on site and/or take your creations to share with your family.


Rate : €350 per day.

Book your day directly online!


Long-term training

3 weeks

(15 working days, spread over several weeks, in order to adapt to your family and professional planning).


This course is suitable for people wishing to do aretraining, prepare aCAP Pastry chef (program using the new CAP benchmark since 2019), orsimply learn the basics of baking, to have fun at home!


CAP objective and/or professional retraining?

Here is an overview of the objectives, training content and teaching methods:


  • Goals :

Preparation for the professional CAP Pâtissier tests defined by the official exam standards;

Organize your work in a professional environment;

Master the management of raw material stocks;

Apply hygiene and food safety rules (HACCP method);

Completion of one or two mock CAP during training, for validation of acquired knowledge.


  • Content :

Practical work in pastry: 105 hours

Organize one or more productions in supervised or independent work;

Control and verify production;

Completion of a mock CAP during training, in real exam conditions.


  • Teaching methods:

Demonstrations and applications in the laboratory: a demonstration is given by the chef, then the trainee carries out the productions himself. The objective is for the trainee to be able to take more and more autonomy and initiative as the days go by.

Tasting and analysis of productions.

Theoretical contributions, applied technology.


Price: €5,500

(25% will be requested upon reservation, the remainder payable in 3 installments free of charge).


The advantages of the training:

Individual training for optimal learning: the Chef is available for you, to answer all your questions, and help you overcome your weaknesses and stress!

Theoretical contribution, recipes provided.

Finally, a significant point: you will be able to take your productions with you every day! :)


Pleasure objective?


 Private training courses are tailor-made, you choose your program, your training duration and your dates (depending on the Chef's available schedule).

Do you have a favorite dessert? We will make it happen together!

Have you always wanted to learn the basics of pastry, and know the secrets of great chefs? No problem ! No level required, just bring your good mood, I'll take care of the rest! 

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