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Sunday January 28, 2024: Royal Chocolat (3h)

Sunday January 28, 2024: Royal Chocolat (3h)


3 hour course

Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


Attention chocolate lovers! The "Royal" (also called "Trianon") is a pure chocolate treat, composed of 3 layers: a dacquois biscuit, a crispy praline and a chocolate mousse. All covered with an intense dark chocolate mirror glaze.

You will have the pleasure of leaving with your cake for 4/5 people.


Recipes made: Dacquoise, crisp praline Feuilletine, intense dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate icing.


Course objectives:

make a dacquois biscuit and manage its cooking,

make a praline insert,

make a chocolate mousse,

learn how to assemble a dessert,

make bubble-free icing,

glaze a dessert,

decorate a dessert.


Course limited to 6 people.

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